A Weekend Getaway


Don't you just love a long weekend? A long weekend was much needed because I spent this month moving into my own apartment and I feel like it has made me age at least 5 years because I am so tired! Luckily I have amazing people around me right now who have been making me feel more alive with nothing but positive energy because I have needed it. Plus, my new job is going great. I needed a good min-vacay so it only made sense to go to Florida for Memorial Day weekend.

I hope everyone had a restful Memorial Day weekend not working and hopefully spending time with loved ones. I traveled to Boca Raton, Florida for 3 days (the name sounds so fancy until I learned that it means 'rat's mouth'). Getting there was crazy because I was initially supposed to leave Friday afternoon until my flight got canceled due to bad weather going from EWR (Newark) to Florida. Luckily, I was able to catch a flight early Saturday morning (something I was not happy about as a non-morning person lol) but my flight was delayed so I did not arrive until the evening. I don’t know what it is about United flights and their delays but it made me miss practically a whole day of relaxation; I cannot be too mad, though, because luckily I was still able to get there safely. This weather honestly sucked this past weekend but the trip was still very nice nonetheless and I will be going back this weekend for a longer trip.

I did go with a companion; I feel like solo travel is the new hype because you do not have to rely on anyone to make plans to travel and have a good time especially if you do not really know anyone reliable or just prefer the travel experience by yourself. I, however, do not think I can hop into the solo travel trend just because I feel like a vacation is wayyyy better with someone or people (i.e. a friends trip, baecation, or family vacay). Having someone or people to travel with gets me excited to really explore a place; I would probably end up just sleeping and eating if I traveled alone and that is honestly just a waste of money since I can do that at home.

We had dinner at La Luna Italian Bistro as soon as I arrived in the evening. I was so tired but I think traveling gives me more energy than is needed so we had dinner there for a few hours and ordered the lamb chops (LOVED them!). It was a great small restaurant to have a simple dinner at. 

After dinner, we drove around the city. It is really beautiful and a lot of the buildings and homes have Spanish-inspired and Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Then, we called it a night mostly by my request and it started raining so it was nice to just relax for the night. By the following morning, we laid out poolside (yes, there is a pool where I stayed). The beach is approximately 30 minutes away but the weather was kinda funky so we ended up hanging out by the pool, which was great because I was able to shoot A LOT of content for my YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. I am going to link all my socials below so you can check out my vlog video for the trip + extra content I shot on my TikTok.

Sunday was a very chill day because my companion started feeling sick so it made sense to stay inside and rest up. We ended up ordering takeout from Prezzo and watching TV. 

Monday was our last day...and I started feeling a bit sick. This trip only sucked because of the weather and us getting sick but I guess it is hurricane season and Florida is not really strict about COVID regulations so it was kind of expected. We finished the day with dinner by the ocean at Oceans 234. I always prefer traveling somewhere close to an ocean because my absolute favorite thing to do when traveling is to have dinner with a view of the ocean; living in Pennsylvania means you do not get to see it that often. Beaches are calming to me so having dinner right near the beach was beautiful, especially when the sun started setting. We had oysters (they were very tasty) as an appetizer and octopus (I could not eat more than a bite just because I was imagining an octopus swimming around lol.

Then, I ate salmon as my meal. I was definitely in the mood for fish, especially since I had red meat the day already. Plus, it made sense to eat seafood by the ocean. Then we got ice cream at an ice cream shop not too far from our place. It cost $35 for a small and large cup of ice cream which is INSANE lol so we established that we will not be going back there. We will have to try the Häagen-Dazs shop when we go back.

This trip was very rejuvenating after such a long month and I already cannot wait to go back this weekend. I will also document that trip and you can check out my first vlog video on my YouTube channel here (also below). You can also follow me and check out short clips from the trip on my TikTok here, lastly, you can see some of the pictures I took on the trip on my Instagram here. Be sure to comment if you have ever been to Boca Raton or Palm Beach and what your favorite thing to do there is!


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