Rich Auntie

Dress: Nordstrom

Boots: Forever21

Handbag: Boohoo

Sunglasses: Afroblisso Brand

New lewk alert! As we close up the year, I wanted to share this outfit I put together to shoot content for my brand's latest collection called 'Luxe'. I curated this collection to fit the style of those who love to look good on a budget and so far the new pair of sunnies called 'Rich Auntie' and the 'Lavish' handbag are all included (more products are going to be added very soon!).

For this lewk, I style a few pairs of Rich Auntie with a black & white Ivy Park dress that I got from Nordstrom a while ago...honestly I cannot remember when exactly but just know that it is from the OG Ivy Park collection that you could probably still find at Nordstrom Rack (seriously no shame in still buying those products because they are amazing!). I was always a fan of the statement pieces from the OG line; I have this dress, 2 pairs of leggings, an athletic top, and a logo hat from the line and I still wear every item. Plus, I got them all at a great discount because they were rebranding around the time that I bought them. I love how Ivy Park is still an athleisure brand but provides versatility in how you style their apparel. 

I am wearing the dress with a pair of Black patent heels from Forever21 and styling with two pairs of Rich Auntie sunglasses, one in Black and the other is in Créme. I also style with plenty of jewelry and a handbag I received from Boohoo while working with them. Since this collection is called 'Luxe', I put a strong emphasis on looking expensive on a budget. Be sure to shop my brand's latest collection here! We will be having surprise holiday sales leading up to Christmas!


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