Check-In: Holidays & Seasonal Depression

As Christmas approaches, I have finally found a way to get more consistent on here (seriously I have!). I decided to start adding more articles to the' Writings on the Wall' section of my blog by writing about current topics and also doing bi-weekly check-ins by having a quick conversation in the form of a blog post. Starting this week, I want to have a check-in conversation about seasonal depression as Christmas and the New Year approaches since I know this time of the year can be hard for most people. This time of the year is usually hard for me because seasonal depression can hit pretty hard but I have been managing okay by being on top of a routine to feel a bit more in control of myself. I struggle often with feeling in control when things are not going the way I want them to but people say "things don't always go as planned" which is true...but I want them to so it can stress me out when they do not. Seasonal depression hit me hard during my junior year of college when I was going through way too much academically and personally so I told myself that I will never go through that again because I did not feel good about myself. So here we are doing what is needed to take care of ourselves because it still brings my spirit down when it is pitch black by 5 pm. I already cannot wait for Spring/Summer.

The top three things that have been saving me this season are:

1) Music

2) Tea (with lots of honey)

3) Stretching

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Music is everything to me and I love making playlists to match my moods or even the seasons. I recently made a Fall/Winter playlist that I am still adding to; I can get nostalgic with my music so I have been listening to My Chemical Romance like I am back in middle school (lol I promise I am fine, those guys just made really good rock music that fits my mood 98% of the time). I have also been listening to Adele's new album which is one of the most beautiful albums I have listened to in a long time (she is a Taurus in case you did not know). I remember finding it hard to get into her music in high school because it always seemed so sad, sometimes a little too sad, but I also listen to Ed Sheeran's first album religiously like it is not one of the saddest albums I have come across. I love artists who know how to be vulnerable through their music because the lyrics almost speak to my soul. The ending of My Little Love spoke to my soul when Adele expressed how she loves being on her own but she still feels so lonely, which has to be the worst most complicated feeling in the world and I have been feeling that way for a while so now I am focusing heavily on my hobbies and brand.

I recently got into drinking tea more and I am really happy about it. I am usually an iced coffee gal but it is too cold to be consuming that. Tea provides warmth and helps improve digestion and a bunch of other good stuff so I drink it every morning and night. The main reason I got into it is because of a gift my siblings and I got our mom that she refuses to use since it is a bit too high-tech for her (which I expected). We got her an Ember mug for her birthday and she is more old-school so I started using it and love the temperature control settings; it is very innovative. My favorite tea to drink is a throat tamer blend from Celestial Seasonings Tea; I drink it every night and it has aromatic spearmint from the pacific northwest and soothing Egyptian chamomile. I add some lemon and honey to make it taste even better and drink it at a perfect temperature. It is very calming which has been helpful for me to sleep better.

Lastly, stretching. I did not realize how much I needed to properly stretch until I started incorporating it into my morning routine and it is a game-changer. Recently I have been trying to disconnect from my phone more when I wake up. I push myself to wake up and get out of bed to do my morning skincare routine proceeded by 5-10 min of just stretching and breathing to release some tension. Yoga, meditation, or just basic exercise are all great for releasing tension. 

As we get through the holiday season, I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. I know this time of the year can be difficult for some people for many different reasons but I hope you get some much-needed rest. Comment how you are getting through the holiday season/winter with a healthy mental state! 


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