Black Barbie


Dress: Amazon

Shoes: Boohoo

Handbag: Boohoo

Sunglasses: Afroblisso Brand

Anklet: Ciety Boutique

I know...I literally said that I would be posting regularly and I am trying to, I really am! I am finally getting back into the groove of getting consistent with social posts, which I love for myself because I have recently been in such a funk for the past 6 months now. I have found that working creatively has definitely helped, plus I am officially done with college...I'm just stuck overthinking about all kinds of stuff but that is life I guess. Luckily, I am slowly but surely getting out of that funk and focusing on what makes me happy right now. With my blog and brand being two outlets that keep me busy but in a good way, I am going to be focusing on them full-time so I will surely be posting regularly now (I even have a schedule and everything lol fingers crossed that I stick to it!)

I wanted to feature this lewk that I put together this past summer. I know it is now Fall so Fall fashion is all that matters but I still have a few more summer lewks to share because Fall is my third favorite fashion season (obviously winter is dead last) so I am slowly starting to bring out my Fall fashion. However, I need to deep clean my wardrobe and sell most of my clothes then give the rest away to Goodwill like how I usually do every season. I mainly put this lewk together to have promo content for my brand since I am wearing a pair of sunglasses from the 'DANGEROUS' collection. I am wearing a tie-dye, long-sleeved, ruched dress along with a pair of white high-heeled sandals and plenty of accessories (what's new). My mom had no idea that Amazon sold clothes and you will honestly be surprised by what you might find on there at an affordable price but Amazon takes enough of my money for my brand so I do not shop their fashion catalog often. The heels are from Boohoo, which is a great place to get very cute yet affordable shoes especially heeled styles.

As for accessories, I accessorize with one of my favorite graphic handbags that I also got from Boohoo. I also accessorize with gold jewelry, a pair of Glossy sunnies from my brand, and a 'Taurus' anklet from Ciety Boutique, a small, black female-owned brand. This dress has actually been in my closet for a while...I had just been waiting to have a reason to create a lewk with it. That's honestly how it is with a lot of clothing items in my closet at the moment but now that it is a new season, I will be putting together Fall lewks very soon. If there is one thing I love about Fall fashion, it is wearing boots and shades of brown. I feel like brown and burgundy are top Fall colors that I need to incorporate more in my wardrobe this season. Let me know the colors that you plan to wear more this season below! 


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