8 Tips To Help You Look Your Best When Wearing Glasses

Over the past two decades, glasses have ascended from being a geeky trope to an everyday fashion accessory. Even if you don’t have poor vision, it’s perfectly normal to wear a pair of eyeglasses with clear frames to help complement your appearance and uplift your outfit. It’s surprisingly easy to get your hands on a beautiful and inexpensive pair of glasses today. It can be the finishing touch to complete your look or it can even be the centerpiece to a fantastic outfit.

However, some people might still be a little uncomfortable wearing glasses. Whether you’re unsure where to buy a sleek pair or if you’re not sure how to pair it with your outfits, we’ve put together 8 helpful tips that will ensure you look your best when wearing glasses.

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1. If you have a round face, complement your look with angular glasses

One of the first rules of wearing glasses is that you need to complement your face shape. There’s a very simple rule to this; pick glasses that are the opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a round face then you should be picking glasses with sharp angles and edges. This will create a more balanced look instead of highlighting the fact that your face is round. Of course, if you want to accentuate your round face, you can always wear a round pair of glasses. However, many people find this to be a little too much and can create a strange or imbalanced look. As such, they’re more likely to go with glasses that can help balance their facial features instead of drawing attention to them.

2. Likewise, if you have a square face, go with rounded glasses with soft edges

If you have a square face or a very prominent jawline then we suggest going with glasses that have rounded edges. This will help soften your appearance and bring more attention to your glasses, thus balancing your strong jawline and creating a more balanced appearance. Glasses with round edges are also great for heart-shaped faces. These faces tend to have a wide forehead that tapers as it reaches the chin. Since the jawline is a little angular, glasses with soft rounded edges can help to create more balance in your appearance. There’s a lot more detail that goes into defining your face shape and picking glasses to suit it, but these two tips should be enough to get you started.

3. To go designer or not?

There are a huge number of designer glasses out there that you can pick from. Well-known brands such as Kate Spade tend to have some very eccentric and unique designs, but you can also find some fun and interesting specs from more affordable options. In fact, some of these cheaper options can come at a fraction of the cost of designer glasses. However, if you’re looking for a statement piece that really stands out, you can’t go wrong with a high-end pair of eyeglasses. These can be bought with a pair of clear lenses if you don’t need vision correction and tend to stand out due to their unique frame designs, shapes, and colors.

4. Statement piece or subtle background touch?

You typically have two options when picking glasses; do you make it a statement piece or is it just a subtle background accessory? When you want to make it a statement piece, it’s a good idea to purchase a unique pair of glasses that have a quirky pattern, unique color, or extravagant shape. These are the types of glasses that can stand out with your outfit and are generally considered statement pieces because they instantly draw your attention. These are difficult to incorporate into an outfit which is why you usually need to build an outfit around it. This can be a challenge for even the most seasoned fashion coordinators, but it’s a lot of fun to try something different.

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5. Balancing your glasses with your jewelry

A common mistake that people often make when wearing glasses as a fashion accessory is going over the top with their outfits. Jewelry is common in almost any outfit, but you should be careful when it comes to pairing them with your glasses. There are two main rules here; don’t overcomplicate things with too many accessories, and if you do, make sure they complement each other by using similar colors and metals. Try to match the same metals or use gemstones that are similar in color to your glasses. This will help create a more cohesive appearance instead of creating a gaudy look that overpowers your outfit.

6. Practicality and comfort are also important

When wearing glasses, you should also think about your comfort instead of just focusing on the look. If it’s going to become a staple accessory of your outfit, then it needs to be comfortable to wear for the entire day. If not, then it’s going to become a bother over long periods of time and you’ll probably get sick of it. It’s important to wear your glasses every day so that you can identify what the potential problems are. Are your glasses too small and end up painfully squeezing your head? Is your makeup interfering with your glasses? Do you need to start carrying cleaning wipes to keep them clear? Don’t get carried away with just the fashion aspect of your glasses. Remember that you need to be comfortable with them as well.

7. Keep multiple pairs around to go with any outfit

A secret to always looking your best when wearing glasses is to have multiple pairs. Different kinds of glasses can completely change your appearance depending on the color, design, and even the shape. As such, you should always have multiple pairs of glasses at home that you switch between depending on the outfit you’ve chosen. Putting together a serious outfit for a job interview or corporate party? A pair of angular black glasses will help create a sense of professionalism. Want something more cutesy and soft? Try glasses with rounded edges to help create an innocent look.

8. It’s all about creating balance with your glasses

Finally, it’s good to remember that styling glasses is all about creating balance. If you have an extravagant pair of glasses with a unique pattern then you should tone down the rest of your accessory and clothing choices to help it stand out. However, if you’re going for a more muted and subtle pair, then you can complement it by wearing more jewelry or unique pieces of clothing. If you try to wear too many eccentric things at once, it’s going to look incredibly tacky and create an unbalanced look. It’s extremely hard to pull off a quirky look that includes glasses without looking a little outrageous. It can work in certain situations, but for most people, it’s important to focus on creating a balanced look that keeps things simple while still giving you room to experiment with your accessory and clothing choices.

Glasses are a great fashion accessory that anyone can wear. They can add a unique touch to your outfits and they’re extremely accessible. You can easily own a dozen pairs of glasses and always find new ways to incorporate them into your outfits. We hope that this article has helped inspire you to be more open about wearing glasses and treating them more like a fashion accessory.

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