Half n Half

Blazer: Boohoo
Pants: Pretty Little Thing
Handbag: Zara
Sunglasses: Dolls Kill
Heeled Boots: Public Desire
Birthyear ring: ASOS

New lewk alert! First of all, I hope everyone is staying safe during this time. At this point, I do not think anyone (not even doctors) knows when this coronavirus pandemic will get better but I pray it gets better soon. I hope we are all doing everything we can to stay safe, take care of ourselves, and take care of those who may need help during this time.

One thing I love about having to be inside is that I have plenty of time to create content right in the comfort of my home. While I would rather be shooting in a city, I think following the precautions and not going out in public unless I need necessities is best until this whole thing is over. For this look, I style an oversized blazer from Boohoo with a bralette, a pair of wide-leg pants, heeled boots, and plenty of accessories. I love the design of this blazer but it does not have as much of an oversized fit as I was hoping; it is not fitted, it is slightly larger but it does not have a loose fit...if that makes sense. Luckily, I can see myself keeping the blazer open to wear; I believe closed blazer outfits look better with a loose fit oversized blazer. Since I am wearing it open, I am wearing the black Unlined Lace bra. I love lace lingerie because it makes wearing underwear look fashionable in a subtly sexy way; most women would not wear lace underwear as part of their outfit since it is underwear, so this may be considered a bold fashion statement. Remember, making bold fashion statements means you are doing something right.

As you can see, I accessorize with a clutch handbag from Zara that also makes a few fashion statements literally. I also accessorize with plenty of jewelry, one being a gold ASOS design ring with my birth year. While the year 1999 is sold-out, there are other years available so I linked it above.

Be sure to shop for Boohoo's latest apparel here! Use my code 'BOOHOOU' for 55% off everything + 10% off sale!



  1. The fit of the blazer >>>
    Love how you styled it with the lace lingerie as well, lingerie as outwear is a brilliant fashion statement!

    1. Thanks Abi!! Also, lingerie has become my fave fashion statement this season ♡


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