Gala Look

Shoes: Boohoo
Handbag: Coach

New look alert! Last night I attended a gala hosted by a club I am a part of at school. The African Student Organization hosts an annual Gala to get people together and teach them a few things about the amazing continent of Africa while also having fun and celebrating the different cultures that make up the continent. This year, the theme was revolutions and if you know anything about African history then you know that there are countless amounts of revolutions that have taken place and are still occurring today. 

As you can see, this was my look for the Gala and...I am still in love. You know that feeling when you plan a poppin outfit in your head then perfectly execute it? That is how I feel after seeing the pictures that I took and reading tons of DMs from my friends and followers on Instagram.
In this look, I am wearing a red, long-sleeve extreme cutout midi dress from Pretty Little Thing. Now, I stopped shopping at Pretty Little Thing for a while because I hate how inaccurate the size guide is; I either have to size down or get my regular size, depending on the type of clothing. I used to return so much stuff to Pretty Little Thing because I would expect the clothes to fit me and they end up looking ridiculous on me even when it is the smallest size that they have. So, I decided to just stick to shopping on Missguided's website because the two stores are very similar...I just think Missguided's quality is better and their sizing is accurate for me. When I found this dress, I decided to give PLT another chance and I am glad I did because the dress fits me perfectly. The only issue that I had was putting it on because of the tight fit, but I was still able to get it on. 

I wanted to wear this dress to the Gala because I feel like it screams elegance with a sexier twist. I also love the color red and now that it is going to be February soon, it felt even better to wear it. I paired the dress with a pair of diamante heels from Boohoo, a signature handbag from COACH and plenty of accessories but not too much because the shoes needed to stand out the most. This outfit is definitely going in my book of all-time favorite looks.

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