All White after Labor Day

Who came up with "No white after Labor Day"? I often ask myself, as I wear an all-white outfit that will actually have me more aware and careful throughout the day. White makes me nervous; it is the only color that I am nervous to wear because it makes eating food, using pens/markers, and wearing makeup x1000 harder. I become more aware of everything when I wear white because I do not want to ruin my outfit with a stain (stains are one of my biggest fashion pet peeves). So why do I still wear all-white outfits? Because it is so posh.

I am not really sure how I can describe what makes a color posh but I am going to try. I think white is a posh color because: 1) it gives this fresh look 2) it looks good on EVERYONE, I mean that literally. People may say that a certain color does not look good on them because they either do not like that color or do not think the color suits them, typically because of their skin tone, but you can even make white look good on the palest skin tone with just the right accessories. Gold or silver jewelry looks good with white, but it depends on how you are wearing it. In the look above, I am wearing FILA Disruptors II with gold accents so naturally, I am wearing gold jewelry. I would wear silver jewelry if I wear black and white with silver accents. I have been noticing how certain colors make me feel the more I wear them, so I wanted to share how white makes me feel. I also encourage everyone to wear their favorite posh, white outfit now that Labor Day has passed.

Be sure to comment below if you are also a fan of wearing white after Labor Day!


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