Aderinsola Visions x Afroblisso x Boohoo

Lace bodysuit: Nasty Gal
Blazer: Boohoo 'Tailored Blazer'
Pants: Boohoo 'Self Belt Tailored Pants'
Shoes: Nasty Gal
Handbag: Coach
Sunglasses: CHIC Nyc

Now, THIS is officially my favorite look that I have featured on my blog.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with a friend of mine, who just so happens to be a dope photographer, and I want to share all the amazing pictures that she captured and edited while also featuring the perfect sexy business casual look that I put together. 

In this look, I am wearing a red suit set from Boohoo. As I mentioned in my last post (Pinstripe), Boohoo is a great place to get suits & separates if you are someone like me who loves to keep it professional yet chic. Red has become my new favorite color and I love the idea of making a fashion statement with lingerie, which is why I decided to wear a lace bodysuit under the blazer. White, black, or red shoes would work but I would go with white just because they stand out more and match my sunglasses. Lastly, I accessorize with gold jewelry and a brown signature-patterned handbag from Coach. Honestly, silver jewelry would work too but I prefer gold any day. You can shop this look on Boohoo here and search the names of each product listed above.

You can also check out Aderinsola Popoola's website here if you are someone who is ever in need of a photographer for a photoshoot, event, or just to take some nice pictures of you. She is a portrait and event photographer based in Columbia, MD and Pittsburgh, PA. While she is pursuing a career in medicine, she knows how to work a camera. Not only has she developed a great hobby through photography but also a business. I had such a great time doing this shoot with her and will definitely be doing more in the future. Click here to donate anything you can to her fundraiser to support her photography business!

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