Don’t Second-Guess Yourself! Trying To Be Glamorous When You're Unsure How To Go About It


We've all been there, we don't know if we should overdo
our makeup in comparison to normal, or we just feel that we're looking incredibly frumpy. But when we are stuck for inspiration, and we don't know how to put a basic color combination together, sometimes we need, not just a little bit of advice, but we have to know what's actually out there so we can get some inspiration. Let's get you clued up!
What's On Trend?
What's very “now” as far as color combinations are concerned, the pale blue and pink, cobalt blue and turquoise, and tan and maroon are what you need to go for. There are plenty of others out there, but while you are struggling for inspiration with your old wardrobe, try a few of these to get some ideas. The great thing about “on trend” is that it is a starting point. And it can be very dangerous to go with the trends because they will soon fall out of favor, especially if we change our entire wardrobe to match these trends. View these three as a starting point. Get some inspiration from these light neutral colors that are going against the grain, especially with tan and maroon. These two colors are within the same color scheme, but if you are feeling dull and uninspired, it's time to break with tradition.
Not Overthinking Your Tactics
The most difficult thing about changing your style and when you are unsure that what you’re wearing works anymore, we've got to go back to basics. Because we are used to the same wardrobe, day in and day out, we feel that we worked every single combination. And this is why we've got to go back to the start and think about it in another way. Of course, changing your wardrobe is a simple way to achieve this, but it's incredibly expensive! Even if you think you've tried every single combination, we guarantee you haven't! It's time to go bold. And if you're not sure if something really works, the best way to understand this is to see it on someone else. This is why you can get a mannequin for sale that can just loiter in the corner of your bedroom, and when you're unsure of a certain color combination, you can dress it up. And if you're not in the habit of borrowing clothes from friends, then it's a perfect way to get some inspiration. The great thing about fashion is that it's an endlessly creative pursuit, so we can look and feel our best. When we get uninspired, and actually feel that the wardrobe we've got is doing us a disservice, then it's time to either change your wardrobe or think about the basic tactics.
We have all had those moments of being unsure whether something works well or not, and if we can't trust our closest confidants to give us an honest opinion, then we've got to go with our instincts. You can go for the on-trend ideas that are out there, but when you are trying to make yourself as glamorous or as different as possible, don't second-guess yourself!


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