Fashion statement

Dress: Boohoo
Purse: Pedro
Boots: Ego
Sunglasses: DollsKill

It is really hot. I am so used to wearing black when it comes to wearing just a solid color but I decided to switch up and wear all red. I am not sure when my love for red started, but I am glad I discovered the beauty in such a color. Red is just so...attractive to me, and I do not mean that in a sexual way; red is the color you make a statement with. In this look, I am wearing a red dress from Boohoo that is designed with metal loops and a tag that says repeatedly says "Fashion" on it, which attracted me the most. I love fashion that serves as a statement, whether it is as simple as words that represent something that you love or a statement expressing your political/social beliefs so long as it does not go against someone's humanity; that is the true definition of a fashion statement. This summer, I encourage you to wear fashion that serves as a statement for you. Showcase some liberation!


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