Tosave Review

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It's finally Spring Break, which means that I have so many new looks to add to my blog starting with a quick review of Chinese Wholesale clothing brand Tosave. The brand kindly sent me a few goodies to and I am honestly thankful, but I will keep it real as I always do with reviews. 

Fur-sleeved sweaters have become a new trend that I am here for because it is so chic and unique. I got it in white but it also comes in grey, black, and khaki. The quality of this sweater is especially amazing because the fur does not shed at all. I also received a baseball cap with the phrase "Anti-Social Social Club" embroidered on it and I have to admit it is a decent dupe of the actual Anti-Social Social Club cap. I can't wait to start wearing it when the weather gets warmer. Another accessory I received is a gold-mirrored phone case. While it does come in other colors, this case is beautiful in gold and so luxe. I highly recommend checking out the rest of their phone cases here if you are looking for affordable yet cute phone cases.

While I do love the products I received from Tosave, it is important to know that you should expect the quality that you are paying for. The jacket I received is super cute...but not as pictured on the website. The quality is very light so it is not something I can wear in the fall or winter and it sheds a bit but it also costs $11.77 so I am not that surprised but if you are looking for a similar jacket of better quality, I would recommend just spending the money at Missguided or I.AM.GIA. Overall, I think Tosave is a great place to shop smart while looking good. Check out the rest of their products on there website:



  1. That second outfit is such a look. Also, your skin is glowing as always.


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