All Black BHM

Bralet: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Dolls Kill
PJ Top: Boohoo
Heels: Missguided
Handbag: ALDO
Shades: Dolls Kill
Choker: StonesByCarlos

Unfortunately, Black History Month is coming to end so I had to post a quick all-black look to show my readers how you can be effortlessly fierce in just one color. In this look, I am wearing a Satin pajama shirt because who doesn’t love satin pj button-down tops? This is one of the many ways I style it along with velvet pants and a lacy bralet from Victoria's Secret since the weather is getting abnormally warm (@globalwarming) but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good. I keep this look classy with a diamond choker, matte black handbag, and white stilettos, which should be present in every fashionista’s closet. White stilettos make simple outfits pop the right way. Since this is an all-black ensemble, the white heels give it the pop of color that it needs. 

Now, it is certainly not a coincidence that the film Black Panther was released during black history month but I encourage everyone to go and watch it because it is truly amazing. Everything about it made me fall in love; the women, the MEN (Lord have mercy), the clothing, the action, and the positive representation. As a Marvel fan, I love how unique Black Panther is; you literally can not compare it to the others. As a black woman, it feels great to watch a movie with strong, beautiful, and fierce black women creating a positive narrative that truly represents what it means to be us: the backbone of the community. 



  1. Love the outfit and yess Black Panther was soooo good!

    1. Wasn't it?! I will be watching it until I get sick of it...which is never lol. Thanks for reading! ♡


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