I Love My Confidence

Dress: Bershka
Coat: Forever21
Heeled boots: Public Desire
Choker: Marina Collections
Mini backpack: Bershka

Back at it with another post since midterms are over and I can finally get back into the groove of posting. As I mentioned in my last post, college is a lot and I have been trying to fit blogging into my schedule but I am not the best at time management so I needed to prioritize my studies before starting back up.

When I first came to college, my social anxiety sprouted as I was being pushed to meet new people and try new things. If I do not know you well enough, then I may come off as shy and reserved, but I am really not; I just don't know how to talk to you yet and I am debating on whether you want to talk to me or not. If you have social anxiety, then you know how much it can hinder your confidence. Fashion has helped me prevent that by giving me an opportunity to express myself through my outfits. I feel most confident when my outfit is well put together. It is not so much about looking good just to look good because you automatically look good when you wear an outfit with confidence. Does that mean I feel confident wearing whatever? Absolutely not. In fact, I am usually hesitant about wearing body-con dresses or skirts and usually wear black.

Dia&Co is a clothing company for plus-size, aka curvalicious, ladies who deserve to be as confident as they please in whatever they choose to wear. Every Friday, at their office, Try-day Friday is celebrated to challenge others to step out of the box to try new styles. I was challenged to step out of my fashion comfort zone and try a new style, so I decided to wear a Metallic midi dress with an oversized puffer jacket. For any of my Northern fashionistas who do not know how to wear their favorite dress while staying warm this fall, you can never go wrong with an oversized jacket or nicely fitted waterfall coat. As you can see, I accessorize with a diamond choker that adds more shine to my metallic look which is a change from my typical all-black looks.

Now that I've stepped out of the box, I challenge you to do the same. Go buy that dress you want so bad but did not get because it did not "look right" on you or was not meant for "your physique." Wear the outfit that makes you feel as if "someone like you would not be able to rock." With confidence, you can look good in almost anything. I promise you.

Share your outfits using the following hashtag #wearwhatscaresyou on Instagram or comment a link to your outfit below!



  1. You are absolutely right! Confidence is key! I love seeing how confident women have gotten in flaunting their stuff even if society tries to convince not to do so. Great post! :)


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