Dress: Missguided
Heeled boots: Public Desire

Long story very short, so much has been happening with me at school and I wanted this outfit to be the right representation of my mood... Don't test me. I'm pretty on the inside, but look mean as hell on the outside because I want people to know that I am not the one to mess with before they even approach me. Except, as a black woman...that is probably the worst thing I could do to myself because I hate the belittling label "Angry Black Woman," but I no longer care about what anyone has to say about me or my sisters.

We live in a society where minorities are constantly told that they either need to shut up or address whatever issue they want but must do it in a way that accommodates uncomfortable and "offended" white people. It is even worst for black women because we have to deal with racism AND sexism all at once. Once we speak up, we're angry. What is wrong with being angry? I'm angry for a reason. Imagine how tiring that is. So why waste all your time an energy on people who 1) truly do not care about your feelings or 2) do not want to care about your feelings? Right now, I desperately want to graduate to get far away from my high school and certain people there. I would rather save that energy for the finer things in life.

Quick suggestion: find your happy color. I am in black and white for this look because black is my happy color. It adds a badass touch to your look, no matter how you style it.


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