Black Velour

Sweatshirt Dress: Missguided
Boots: Public Desire
Handbag: Nordstrom
Durag: Any black beauty supply store #don't appropriate :)

Oh how I love velour.
In this look, I am wearing a plush sweater dress from Missguided, which is one of my favorite online stores to shop at. I am also wearing sock-fit heeled boots from Public Desire that make this look subtler. Since I have a lot of dark colors going on, I did not want to over-accessorize which is why I am wearing a durag and carrying a simple black handbag. Durags are becoming the new trend... but not for everyone. As I have mentioned in past posts, I do not stand for cultural appropriation and no one should because most of the new "trends" stem from black culture; yet, black people die on the daily and our marginalization is hardly discussed by those who do appropriate black culture. If black culture is not being appropriated, then Indian, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, or Native American culture is.

In light of Coachella, where mostly white girls splurge their money on tickets and outfits that actually appropriate most cultures just to listen to artists that most of them do not actually listen to, do not appropriate the culture of minorities because the Kardashians are! Much love xx



  1. such a look and agree so much with the whole cultural appropriation thing. So unacceptable and needs to be stopped!


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