Jacket Dress

Jacket: Forever21
Shoes: Ego
Handbag: Zara
Earrings: Forever21

Now, blue is usually not a color I ever look for clothing in, but this jacket was too bomb for me to not buy it. So, of course, I did my own thing and wore it as a dress, but I really like the look of it this way because it makes an ideal outfit for winter, especially when the weather is not freezing (Pennsylvania's weather is very strange right now and I'm sure you know why). It is also perfect for Spring. Also, I remembered buying these perspex heels from Ego and knew they would match the jacket perfectly. I accessorized with pom-pom earrings and this purse from Zara; I think this look says "Stylish yet effortless."
 Jacket dresses should definitely be a thing; they are so easy to wear therefore I am definitely here for it.



  1. Love this look! I love how you make it your own style and you definitely know how to pull it off. Great post!

  2. Thanks Leslie! Uniqueness is the key to good fashion styling. Thanks for reading ♡


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