Fishnet tights: Forever21

I was scrolling through Instagram when I found Aerin Creer's instagram photos of her wearing fishnet leggings with ripped jeans here. So, as you can see, Aerin inspired this look. I used to think fishnet leggings/stockings were tacky until I saw the way Rihanna styled them with leather pants during her VMAs performance; I had never seen them styled in that kind of way. Then, I saw Aerin's post and had to get them.

Forever21 is a common store to get fishnet leggings, but there are many other stores that sell them in different styles. I got this Tupac shirt from Urban Outfitters because it has one of my favorite albums of his on it and you can never own too many Tupac shirts. If you haven't heard any of his music, I highly recommend listening to this album or his album comprising his greatest hits. Also, Tupac's poetry is just as good as his music which is why I recommend listening to The Rose, Vol. 2, an album of his poetry. I feel like I'm promoting Tupac, but he is one artist that makes me appreciate good music.

Fishnets with jeans/pants is a trend that I want to see in 2017, but Yeezys can certainly go. I will be making a post on fashion trends that need to go, so comment a few trends that you think should go and a few trends that should be viral.



  1. This look is so dope! Great post and happy new year!

    1. Thanks Samiyah, and happy new year to you too! ♡


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