Bonobos- Style Inspiration

Sweatshirt: Forever21
Boots: Public Desire (Asos)
Sunglasses: Zerouv

The best part about fashion is that you can get inspiration from almost anyone, anywhere. If you do not already know, Rihanna is my biggest fashion inspiration. I mentioned her briefly in one of my previous posts, but let me tell you why she is my biggest fashion inspiration.

I got this oversized sweatshirt look from RiRi after she released the first collection of her fashion line, FentyxPUMA. I remember rocking the old PUMA trainers when I was younger, then never wearing PUMA's clothing because I always felt they were outdated; that was, until Rihanna decided to work her magic. In the first collection, you get a sense of Rihanna's fashion style in a dark, monochrome way as shown below.

Oversized clothing (sweatshirts, shirts, sweaters, jackets) makes your whole outfit look comfortable and moderate, which can be perfect for all seasons. Rihanna is my biggest fashion inspiration because she makes everything she wears a fashion statement; you get a preview of her personality through her outfits. Also, Rihanna is always confident in what she wears which is highly essential. Confidence is the key! She has worn some outfits  that I would not necessarily call "cute," but she knows how to make them look cute because she wears them effortlessly.
You can check out Rihanna's line on PUMA's website:

The best part of her collection is how there are clothing for both men and women; a lot of people would say that Rihanna is only an inspiration to girls and women, but that does not limit her apparel to just girls and women. FentyxPUMA's men's clothing is very similar to the women's clothing, but has a "masculine" look to it. Many people would agree with me when I say that guys who know how to dress are very attractive. If you are a guy, who's style is not as casual as FentyxPUMA's menswear, then Bonobos is an ideal place for you to shop. Bonobos is a a men's clothing brand, known for its pants that are sure to fit just right (because oversized looks does not always look great). You can check out their variety of men's pants here; if they do not fit right, you can always visit one of their 29 locations to get fitted. As the largest clothing brand ever built on the web in the US, Bonobos helps guys discover their style that may be an inspiration to others.


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