Ribbed Skirt

Crop top: Nordstrom
Ribbed skirt: Topshop (soldout)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Handbag: Nordstrom

So you've probably guessed that Nordstrom is my favorite store since this entire outfit basically came from there, but it is one of my top favorites. I do not think I have an all-time favorite store actually. I bought this midi skirt from Nordstrom, but it was made by Topshop. I could wear this skirt with a different colored crop top, maybe moss green and the outfit would still look just as good. I could have worn it with a black crop top, or even grey, but I felt like this color looked even better; it makes the look stand out more. I do have a top with the same pattern as the skirt that I would wear when I'm feeling a minimalist look; I dress according to my mood. Today, I am feeling simple yet poised and a bit scandalous because I am not wearing a bra. Also, my tummy is showing a bit but that is what makes a crop top a crop top. 

I am working to break certain fashion barriers, and I encourage every fashion lover to break fashion barriers. We live in a society where a woman will immediately get criticized for what she is wearing because it may not seem appropriate in some people's eyes. Women are forced to think they must possess a certain amount of modesty to the point where some of them can not wear something without asking themselves "What would people say about me wearing this?" I am not saying it is ok for women to walk around with certain parts of their body out and about for all to see, but I do not see anything wrong with a woman showing a little sideboob or wearing short shorts. Ok, you can see her nipples...so what? That does not mean you can see her naked body. We can not control the way our body develops, therefore do not make women feel like they need to be covered up to hide what they have. Also, do not make women feel like they should not wear certain clothing if they do not have the "right" body type for it. I want to live in a society where I can wear whatever I want and not be told that I am showing way too much skin because people can see my belly button. In fact, I want to live in a society where women can live their lives however they want without constant judgment.



  1. Love this outfit! I have a similar skirt from River Island - grey and ribbed, but instead there is only one slit at the back. It was the first body-con thing I ever owned and I love it so so much because it makes me feel weirdly confident? Love the matching with the orange, I see how it has orchestrated a different vibe like you described. Continue to break barriers, we do need more of that, especially for women! xo

    1. I get the same feeling when I wear this skirt. There are so many rules in fashion that do not need to be rules; they hold people back from wearing what they want to wear. Thanks so much for reading! ♡


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