Who else is a part of the itty bitty titty committee? How about those who can never find the right bra size? Well, I am calling all my ladies with annoying "bra-blems" (I really like that word) to read this post. I thought I'd share my top three bra-blems and a few solutions to them, thanks to Thirdlove.

Problem #1: Sizing
Being a part of the itty bitty titty committee can sometimes be great, but can sometimes be so annoying. I can never find the perfect bra that fits comfortably. I have been fitted five times now, and my bras still feel like they are not the right fit. So guess what I did? I gave up on regular bras and started wearing bralettes. Bralettes are amazingly comfortable and provide the support that I need (which is not much). While the "stylish" bras you see at Victoria Secret may look appealing, you also want your bra to be comfortable.

Problem #2: Straps
Like I mentioned before, it is difficult for me to find the right fit, and there is nothing worst than having your straps falling down all the time. If I tighten it, then the band rises up, but the straps will continue to fall if I don't. The struggle is real.

Problem #3: Band rise
Along with my straps always falling off, my band rises if I tighten my straps more than I should. Now, that can get pretty uncomfortable.

As you can tell, bras can be the ultimate struggle but Thirdlove has got you covered; I highly recommend checking out their lingerie products and use an exclusive promo code below. There are a few solutions, below, that I think will be helpful.

I kinda just gave up on wearing padded bras and decided to just wear bralettes and sports bras all summer, but these solutions make me want to go bra shopping. Thanks to Thirdlove, I figured out why I am having so many bra-blems. Shop their bras, which are 100% fit guaranteed, right here.
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I am so in love with their 24/7 Strappy T-shirt Bra and thong. Comment any other bra-blems and let me know if you have any other solutions that may be helpful. 


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