Today, I'm teaming up with Betabrand in creating my favorite office look. Betabrand is a retail clothing company based in San Francisco, that sells women's and men's clothing. I did not have any time to take my own pictures, I apologize, so I just put together my favorite look through Polyvore (I mean, you can't go wrong with Polyvore). Here is the look below:

I just discovered Betabrand, and I am so happy I discovered it. I know so many people who own yoga pants because they are comfortable; I think everyone buys them for that reason. Now, imagine having yoga-dress pants... That's pretty cool right? While I was browsing Betabrand's website (, I found a pair of yoga pants that I had to get. The Straight-Leg Tuxedo Dress Pant Yoga Pants would look so chic with a white button-down shirt; perfect outfit for the office. Now, you can be comfortable while working, which I believe should be a priority. I highly recommend checking out Betabrand's women's pants so you can possibly start your own collection.



  1. I love Betabrand! Those pants are really cute...I may have to buy me a pair myself. Great post :)

    1. Thanks! They look so cute yet so comfortable. Can't wait to wear them.


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