How to wear over-sized shirts

Something I used to do, by accident (I swear), was buy my clothes in the wrong size. I did this, specifically, when I did online shopping. I never bought my clothes in a smaller size, but I would buy them in a bigger size. I swear I would do this by accident. Once the clothes came in the mail, I would look at them and say, "Wait...why is it so big?" Then, I would see that I bought a large sweatshirt instead of a small, which is my size in clothing tops. Later on, I realized that, specific, fitted clothing were not trendy; at least not trendy to me. I don't know if you can tell, but I love wearing large shirts/sweatshirts. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people with at least one big sweatshirt that they love wearing on a lazy day. I have at least fifteen because over-sized sweatshirts are just so comfortable and spacious. The only thing is: you have to know how to wear them.

In this post, I included five ways I have worn an oversized shirt. In the cover photo of this post, I am wearing an oversized dashiki shirt, which I turned into a crop top by cutting it. I had a little DIY going on with that. In the first photo (top-left), I am wearing an over-sized muscle-tank shirt from Urban Outfitters in a size large. This is simple way to wear an over-sized shirt, and it's perfect for the summertime with a pair of sneakers. In the second photo (top-right), I am wearing an Urban Outfitters button-down dress shirt in a size large. This is a cute, chic way to wear an over-sized shirt by tying the front in a knot-like way. Also, I love rolling up the sleeves because it adds a nice style and I have to, or else the sleeves would be covering my hands. In the second to last photo (bottom-left), I am wearing an over-sized Dashiki. This is also a simple way of wearing an over-sized shirt; just wear it as a dress, with a touch of over-the-knee socks or boots. Quick tip: make sure your accessories add a little more spice and pizzazz. In the last photo, I am wearing a Calvin Klein button-down shirt in a size large. It was originally my dad's shirt, but he has over ten of these, so I thought Hey, why not make this a shirt dress? And that is exactly what I did. Since it is white, I decided to wear white shoes and my accessories were all gold, except for my brown bag, which helps create a nice color palette. Always remember your color palette!
Now, there are so many other ways to wear an oversized shirt but these are just a few examples that I wanted to share. Please leave a comment if you think of other great ways to wear over-sized clothing!


  1. You're so cute!!! These are all good tips. I'm definitely going to buy an oversized button-down shirt to tie in the front.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you find these tips helpful. ♡

  2. Beautiful piece and a great way to wear it! Thanks for sharing!


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