Comfy Contentment

Sweater cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Midi dress: Forever21
Ankle boots: Charlotte Russe
Ruffle socks: American Apparel

This is probably the most comfortable outfit I have ever posted. This winter has been...weird. On the East Coast, it was really warm; but it was pretty cold on the West Coast. Now it is freezing. Like I said before, I hate cold weather. I have to wear so many layers in order for me to feel warm, but my style does not include many layers because I dress more for spring and summer. So I'm struggling during this winter.
For this look, I decided to wear this very comfortable, yet shaggy cardigan. I am usually not a big fan of shag material because it can easily pick up dirt and what not; but this cardigan stays pretty clean. Did I mention how comfortable it is? I could wear this cardigan all winter just because of its coziness, but I would never do that. This dress would look way better in the springtime because of the shoulder cut-out; but it still looks great with the cardigan and adds to the coziness. In the springtime, I will create a style with this dress that will bring out the cut-out component.


  1. You are sooo cute!!! Love this outfit, I can definitely see myself wearing something like this.

  2. I know what you mean by the shag material, but that cardigan looks so comfortable. Great post!

    1. It is soooo comfy, I love it especially during this terrible winter weather. Glad you like this look ♡


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