Outfit flow

Sweater Cardigan: Marshalls
Bodycon Dress: Mystique Boutique
Over-the-knee boots: Forever21


It's December... Which means it is going to get colder. It also means that it will be 2016 soon, and I cannot believe how fast this year went by. Since it was cold outside, I decided to do a dress with a very comfortable sweater cardigan. To make this look complete, I wore my over-the-knee boots. I'm pretty sure I said this in my last OOTD post, but I am so in love with over-the-knee boots. I prefer wearing them with jeans, but you can make them look good with other outfits. 
I'm sure you're wondering "Why did she title the post 'Outfit flow?'" Not a lot of people would consider wearing a bodycon dress with a sweater cardigan. I've seen other people wear it this way, but not many. I think they actually flow really well together; it's a cute and chic look for fall. 

When it comes to fashion, my biggest advice is to take risks. While I'm shopping, and I see a really cute shirt or dress, I always ask myself "Can you see yourself wearing this Aisha?" Then, I remember I don't have to imagine myself wearing anything. If I like it, I'll buy it. If I have an idea for a look, no matter how bold it may be, I'm going to wear it because I can and I want to. Be confident, take risks with your style. 

Aisha Konneh


  1. This is definitely one of my favorite looks of yours. This outfit looks so chic, yet comfortable. Love it!

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