Blessed beyond Measure

It is Wednesday, November 4, and I can not get over what I witnessed on Monday. My father works for the government of Liberia, as the Finance Minister, and has helped reform the country after two destructive civil wars. His job is not easy, it is a very stressful job. I do not see him as much, but that is because he is a hard-working man; hard work requires a lot of time and patience. On Monday, I got to see a huge outcome of all his hard work. He signed a $257 million dollar agreement, along with the CEO of the Millennium Change Corporation, to fight poverty in Liberia. I know, $257 million is A LOT of money. The best part about it is that the main goal for this grant is to end poverty; there can be better electricity throughout the country, more children can go to school, roads can be built, and many other changes for the country are about to take place. It was definitely worth missing school for an opportunity to observe such a memorable moment in my dad's life, as well as Liberian history. Words can not express how proud I am.

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