Copperfish Kitchen Review


Top: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: Forever21

Heels: Nasty Gal

Jacket: Forever21

Handbag: Afroblisso Brand

Hi babes! Yes, I am back with a new dinner date lewk. This is a dinner date/night out lewk because we did not just get dinner. We ended up getting dinner then dessert and enjoying a nice ride around Boca Raton. The weather was PERFECT the entire trip; if you read my first post about Boca, I mentioned how it rained the entire time we were there for Memorial Day weekend. It barely rained this trip which was great especially for my outfits lol. 

We got to try a restaurant the both of us have never been to that is called Copperfish Kitchen. The ambiance was very nice, which is a trait of a restaurant that I love. It was really nice inside and it was not too crowded at the time we went. For appetizers, we had oysters (I basically had oysters this entire trip lol) and my companion wanted to try the squid. I am still getting used to his love for squid but surprisingly this squid was AMAZING. It was seasoned so well that I forgot it was even squid. I just can never seem to get over the fact that I am eating a tentacle.

I got to try the Refresh cocktail which is a new drink on their menu. It was pretty good, I actually ended up drinking 2. For my main entree, I had the Chilean Sea Bass which I LOVED. I am usually not a huge fan of sea bass because of the consistency based on how some restaurants cook it but they cooked it perfectly for me; it was not too overdone or underdone. My companion thought their food was good but not amazing; however, I loved my food. Something new that I learned about Boca/Florida is they love to incorporate sweet potato mash in their dishes. Maybe I am just not that cultured and this is popular in other places but this was my first time having that with fish and I loved it. The dish also came with sambal green beans and mushrooms (also something I am getting used to). We did not get dessert here because nothing on their dessert menu caught out eyes so we decided to get dessert elsewhere.

Hoffman's is a really popular chocolate/ice cream shop in South Florida and there was one right next to Copperfish so we decided to go there and see what they had to take home. We ended up getting a small box of different chocolates to share (one of them was a s'mores chocolate bar and it was AMAZING!). They provide a variety of different kinds of chocolates for anyone's taste so if you are ever in South Florida, you should check them out. We ended up going there 3 more times during this trip.

After Hoffman's, we went to Jeremiah's which is like the Rita's of Boca. They sell water ice, gelati, and soft-serve ice cream. My companion is practically obsessed with their gelati so we went there like 5 times during this trip lol. I tried their soft serve with lots of sprinkles and it was good; it was a yummy dessert to end the night (before I ate some chocolate). Overall, this was a very fun dinner date night and I can't wait to go back to Copperfish the next time we are back in Boca to try their brunch!


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