Summer Time Fine


Top: Boohoo

Skirt: Zara

Heels: Boohoo

Handbag: Boohoo

Sunglasses: Afroblisso Brand

Watch: MVMT

New post alert! As summer is slowly coming to an end (which is absolutely crazy to me), I want to make sure I share all of my summer-inspired lewks like this one which is my favorite. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the brand 'MVMT' to create content styling their 'Santa Monica' watch and its minimalistic yet chic design helped me put together this lewk.

I am wearing a leopard print crop top paired with a long black skirt with slits on both sides. I got this top from the petite section of Boohoo and love the tie-front design. I have been getting into leopard print more, as well as other printed clothing, and the color palette design of this top sets it apart from other leopard-print clothing that I own. Also, this top can easily be paired with any bottoms of choice; if I were to make a new lewk with this same top, I would wear it with a pair of black skinny jeans (but let's be real, I won't lol) or a pair of blue denim jeans or a pair of black or beige leggings. The options are honestly endless. My biggest advice for putting lewks together based on the color palette is to pay attention to a certain color that stands out. This top has a bit of an iris color in it and I have a pair of leggings that are also iris so I could pair this top with it as well. 

To accessorize, I am wearing almost every accessory you can think of. I accessorize with a tiny, graphic handbag from Boohoo, plenty of jewelry, and a pair of sunglasses from my brand. I am also wearing a pair of heeled mules from Boohoo and I am here to say that every fashionista should own at least 2 pairs of mules, one with a high heel and one with a low heel. I believe heeled mules with a toe hole and/or with ankle straps provide great support especially if the heel is wide (which I prefer) and any pair of low-heeled mules are super comfortable and easy to style with any outfit. So if you do not own a pair of mules, get one! Boohoo has great styles, however, the sizes are very limited but online shoe stores like Ego, Public Desire, and SIMMI have great styles in sizes up to US 11 (women).

This is an outfit I would wear either to go to brunch with friends or a summer/spring date night...but you kinda have to get asked to go on a date lol. In the meantime, I could wear it just to be cute for a night out treating myself! As I get back into the groove of posting more consistently, expect a new post next week featuring a makeup lewk I did for a recent collaboration with Ulta Beauty! 


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