Sweats But Make It Fashion


Top: H&M

Sweatpants: Pretty Little Thing

Sneakers: Nike

Handbag: Boohoo

Sunglasses: Afroblisso

Waist chain: Afroblisso

Earrings: Ice Princess 

Anklet: Ice Princess

Wig: Amazon

New post alert! I hope everyone has been doing well and keeping cool and stylish this summer (I know that I have been trying to!). While I love summer and it is my second favorite fashion season, I am always tempted to just wear shorts and a tank top or just anything super comfy that will keep me cool because it is so hot but who said you can't glam up comfy clothes? For this look, I glam up an outfit featuring my favorite pair of basic sweatpants. Now, I will admit that this look is a bit old because it was not as hot when I was wearing it but now the temperatures have started reaching the mid/late 90s so wearing sweatpants is the last thing on my mind unless I'm inside. 

In this look, I style a pair of black oversized sweatpants with a white cropped tee, pair of white sneakers, and plenty of accessories. When I put this lewk together, I thought about all the times when I would run out to go to the store but ended up going all over the place to get other things or run other errands then end up bumping into people that I wouldn't expect to bump into and I look bummy and maybe a bit too comfy lol I know we all have those moments. I think this outfit is perfect for those days where you want to be super comfy but still super cute. I could also see myself wearing this during the transition period from summer to fall and the weather is still warm but also getting breezy. 

I accessorize with plenty of silver jewelry, one of which is from my brand. I am wearing the 'Butterfly Bling' waist belt from my brand's Icy Babe collection and I am also wearing a pair of 'Prima Donna' sunnies from the OG 00s Collection. Now that I am finishing school, I have been able to refocus on my brand and work on new collections to release this Summer and Fall (I cannot WAIT to release custom clothing this Fall!) and one thing about me is I will always self-promote; I love styling products from my brand any chance that I get. I am also accessorizing with a few products from a woman-owned brand called Ice Princess; I am wearing the 'Heart You' hoops and Plain Chain anklet which both have amazing quality. When it comes to jewelry, I love anything affordable but still made of amazing quality and that is what I love the most about this brand so I would highly recommend checking out the entire catalog on her site!

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