Prima Donna


Dress shirt: Missguided

Corset: Adore Me

Heels: Boohoo

Handbag: Pedro

Sunglasses: Afroblisso Brand 

Old look for a new post! I know it has been...forever since I last posted but life has been so busy. I am in my last year of college and wow...I am tired. In fact, that is actually an understatement. I took eighteen credits this semester so I was definitely overworked but I am determined to be done with college right now. Plus, I am getting back into the groove of focusing on continuing to grow my brand and add new products just in time for the summer and my brand's one-year anniversary. So I will be posting a lot more now that the semester is over and summer is approaching!

I created looks for my brand's first collection and I have already shared most of them but I had to include this one because it was one of my top favorite looks. I call this look Prima Donna, which is another word for 'diva,' because it is just so extra. I believe that everyone should be extra with their style every now and then and all it takes is some nice accessories and the perfect outfit.   
In this look, I am wearing a corset with a dress shirt which happened spur of the moment. I wanted to wear the corset but also wanted to keep it moderately appropriate because it is still a corset, which means that it is see-through. Also, lace is the perfect fabric to style in different ways. I top the outfit off with a pair of diamanté heels and plenty of accessories including a pair of sunglasses from my 00s Collection for my brand. I am so excited to be launching more collections this summer now that I will have a lot more time to focus on growing it. 


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