Do You Dread Changing Your Entire Wardrobe? Well, Don't!

We like to think of ourselves as fashionistas who are unique, trendsetting, and never afraid to have a wardrobe that only reflects how we are. Sure, we love to follow celebrities on social media and maybe have a few pieces they have worn themselves, in our collection. But, for the most part, we are confident enough to have a wardrobe we are truly proud to call our own. So when the task of doing an entire change of the lineup of items comes around, we are very hesitant to engage in the idea. Deep down we know, it's all old, tired, stale, and needs to go! So how do you actually start? Firstly, we know that it's going to cost, we know it's not going to be easy to buy a lot of new clothes. So, here is a list of things to begin doing, to make the full transformation.

The rarer breed (10%)

You will find that at least 10% of your wardrobe is never actually worn. You have some items which you hardly touch and for this reason, you need to keep hold of them. These items might be mostly winter clothes as this is usually the smallest group of seasonal clothes you own. So, keep a hold of the leather gloves, scarves, wool overcoats, and knee-high leather boots. Can you see any other items that you don’t wear? Look in these areas.

  • Underwear which you only wear for saucy evenings with your boyfriend. You might want to keep those, because if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it!

  • Can you spot any accessories that you don’t wear? We’ve mentioned scarves but what about woolen hats, summer vibe hats, and sunglasses? 

  • Keep hold of your socks if they’re effective. Remember some items you wear because no one can see them anyway, such as thick autumn or winter socks as well as an old but comfortable jumper. These can be saved from the ransacking.

Some rare items such as these can and should be saved. Remember you won’t be emptying the entire wardrobe per se. You should leave 10% of items which you rarely wear so you don’t have to shop for the niche items. This leaves you more money to spend on the things you do wear often.

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Change stores and loyalties!

Every single one of us is guilty of becoming slaves to brands we love. Some brands are just amazing and almost everything they create just speaks to us in some way. But, if you want a totally new wardrobe, you have to make a big shift in changing stores. So how do you go about doing this?

Look on wholesales stores such as House of Fraser. They have thousands of brands that have their own product profiles. They build a list of things they sell and also, write a short description of what they stand for. So if you went to find a t-shirt and saw the brand ‘Criminal’, you could read where they are from, when they were established, the type of style they commit to and a general backstory. We have an emotional connection to brands, so this aspect of finding a new brand to love is really important.

Don’t let money hold you back

Money is often the sole aspect of holding is back from doing a total wardrobe clearout. You can take all your old items to the thrift store and get some money from them. But in short, a total overhaul of your items cannot be done with the small amount of money you gain. Instead, look for alternatives like the number of secured loan options you have. You don’t need to have a signatory who will ‘secure’ the loan for you, you can just utilize your own property instead. The great thing is, properties are worth a lot more than any of us can dare to spend on our wardrobes so the loan will easily cover what we need to buy and also, not take a big chunk out of our wallet. The loans will be reasonably spaced out and the payments modified to your choosing.

Bad habits need to die

How many times have you bought an item which just looks fabulous but it doesn’t really fit you? We buy things that look good, but they don’t always suit ‘us’. Everybody is unique and sometimes we cannot pull off items that we desire. Yet, we pay large sums of cash to own them. Girls, we need to stop this and many other bad habits. Here are some to avoid when designing your new wardrobe.

  • Never buy an item that is designed to be worn a few times. You know the types, the mini-skirts which shrink in the wash, the denim jackets which tend to lose their coloring or the shoes which are so ridiculous that the straps just break after several wears. Items that feel like they won’t last, shouldn’t be entertained.

  • Don’t buy a ‘seasonal trend’ item. It's only going to be in fashion this year and for 3 months. You want seasonal clothes that are more classic and traditionally popular, such as leather gloves, tartan scarves, Burberry jackets, and floral dresses, etc.

  • Try not to buy items that are ‘on sale’ but they still cost triple digits. Come on girls, just because a $400 dress has been put on sale after being lowered to $350, doesn’t make it affordable!

Take your time

When you are overhauling your fashion sense, you should take your time. Don’t throw everything out all at once. Make a list of each item and go down the list one by one. For every item, you remove, replace it with another item. Take your time and think it through. This way you at least have something semi-fashionable to wear when you go out for the night.

You’re embarking on a fashion journey that is going to be tough. It will set the mood music for the next year or maybe more. But, once you have a totally new look and a brand spanking new wardrobe, you will be ready to hit the town, on whatever night you wish. 


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