Black Content Creators You Should Know About

I am sure everyone is aware of what is happening in our world right now, although the killing of innocent Black lives is not new especially to America. Ever since the murder of George Floyd occurred and the many protests that took place afterward, social media has been an informative yet troubling thing for me. I mainly go on my personal Instagram account to stay informed on what is happening with the officers that are being charged, find new petitions that need signatures to raise awareness and to learn about different organizations that need donations. Everything else just makes me mentally exhausted; honestly, everything that is happening makes me mentally exhausted. I hate that Black people have to continue explaining this over and over again when there is truly no guarantee that things will change from here on out. Not to sound pessimistic because I want to be as optimistic as possible, but I pray people are doing a lot more than just posting on their Instagram story. I pray that people do not just tweet "Support Black businesses" then continue to not actively support them. I pray that big-name companies/brands do not just post a black square on their Instagram pages to prove that they care and actually hire more Black people who are very much qualified to work for them. I pray that the movement has not become this ultimate social media trend of "let's post to not look ignorant" but continue to live ignorant lives and continue to not do what we should have been doing before this all happened. If you are reading this, I simply encourage you to not let social media be the only way that you show how much you care; make sure you are doing your part offline every day. All non-black people, make sure you are changing your behavior.

In light of everything that has been happening, I want to dedicate this post to Black content creators/influencers who do not get the recognition that they deserve mainly because they are Black micro-influencers. I also want to dedicate this post to upcoming Black content creators/influencers who are currently working to brand themselves. As someone who has been doing influencer marketing on Instagram and my blog for 5 years now, I can say that it is not easy. It may look easy to just take pictures of my outfits or certain products to post and promote for brands but I think it is fair to say that my content is not basic. I take the time out of my day, or sometimes weekend, to think of the most creative way to shoot and create the best content for brands. Getting myself ready to shoot the pictures takes 1 1/2 hours (2 hours max), shooting the pictures take at least 3 hours because the aesthetic has to be perfect (yes, perfect), and then it takes at least 3 days for me to edit the pictures the way I want so that they can achieve the aesthetic. So influencer marketing is not as easy as it may look for some of us who put in the time to create content. 
Below is a list of some of my favorite content creators that I currently follow on Instagram and/or am subscribed to their Youtube Channel. Check it out and follow some of them if you love their content as well!

1. Imani E.
Instagram: msimanie
Youtube Channel: Ms. Imani E.

2. Omah London
Instagram: omah_london

3. Agnes Philip
Instagram: agnesphilip_

4. Leann Alicia aka Stallicorn
Instagram: stallicorn
Youtube Channel: Stallicorn

5. Joyce
Instagram: _joyofmylife
Youtube Channel:JoyOfMyLife

6. Samara Marshall
Instagram: samara.marsha

7. Jestine Miyanna
Instagram: jestinemiyanna
Youtube Channel: Jestine Miyanna

8. Faith Ombati
Instagram: f_ombati

9. Abi Christina
Instagram: abichristinaa



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