Femme Luxe Collection x Afroblisso

Co-ord Set: Femme Luxe
Sneakers: Nike
Jacket: H&M
Handbag: Coach
Sunglasses: Boohoo

Top: Femme Luxe

Dress: Femme Luxe

Three looks in one post?! In this post, I want to share one main look + two other looks featuring outfits that I received from Femme Luxe. Femme Luxe is a UK based brand that sells the cutest clothing for young women at AMAZING prices. The first look is the main look for this post and I will be sharing details on the other two in the next few weeks. In the first look, I am wearing their beige loungewear co-ord set called "Camel Crop Loungewear Set- Deanna" with a long light beige wool coat from H&M. Then, I accessorize with a small handbag, sunglasses, and jewelry to provide the perfect casual and comfy Fall look. Beige is literally Fall's theme color. While it looks just as good in the Spring, it gives a different vibe in Fall when beige oversized sweatshirts or oversized puffer jackets along with gold jewelry are in.
In the second look, I am wearing their lavender satin top called "Purple Satin Tie Back Milkmaid Crop To -Lola" on their site. I absolutely love the tie-up design of the top but I definitely think it would be better for Spring because of its light material. But of course that does not mean that I cannot wear it in the Fall/Winter; I can definitely see myself wearing it for a girls' night out along with jeans and a long coat or just wearing it with the bejeweled sweatpants that I am wearing with it above to stay as comfortable as possible (especially since jeans are still very uncomfortable to me). I also accessorize with silver jewelry.
Lastly, I am wearing their "Orange Bardot Knitted Mini Dress -Carmen" dress in the last look, which is my favorite. I think we can all agree that the orange brings out my skin tone amazingly, which is why I chose to receive this item. I also love that it fits the Autumn vibe; I can totally match with the pumpkins now. Also, it is made of a soft knit material making it comfortable to wear either dressed up or down. Full details on this look will be available by next week! 

Now, I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the brand; I received it very quickly, the quality is amazing (seriously, I am absolutely impressed since this is my first time shopping their clothes), and I like the way their clothes look on me. The only issue that I have is the sizing. I did ask to receive a satin underwire-design dress but when I tried it on...the bust area did not fit me at all. A part of the reason for that is I do not have a big bust so I truly did not expect too much, but I picked the smallest size available. Everything else fits, it hugs me in all the right spots, but the top does not fill up which does not look right at all. So, I would suggest looking closely at their size guide before making a purchase. As someone whose size depends on the clothing company, it was a bit difficult deciding on which size to get the clothing in but everything besides that dress fits me perfectly so I cannot complain too much.
You can check out their website here!

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