Pride Month Appreciation: Keystone CASE

Photo credit: Lara Etheredge ( on Instagram)

So as you all know, it's Pride Month and I wrote this post to show some love to an amazing friend of mine and introduce his non-profit organization Keystone CASE.
KC Miller is the founder of Keystone Coalition For Advancing Sex Education, a non-profit organization whose mission is "to foster a happier and healthier generation by reforming sexuality education into a comprehensive and inclusive model that helps to prevent sexual violence, reduce sexually transmitted infections, and empowers young people with knowledge" (About Keystone CASE). This mission is carried out in three ways: awareness, advocacy, and political action. The organization's four areas of focus are:
1. Sexually Transmitted Infections
2. Unintended Pregnancy Rates
3. Neglected Student Populations
4. Addressing the Sexual Assault Epidemic
As someone who attended high school with KC, I witnessed how passionate he is about having a healthy dialogue regarding sex and sexuality. I only remember "learning" about how women give birth, what a penis and vagina look like in illustration form, and how to put a condom on in my high school Health class...that was it. I did not feel as if I truly learned because the atmosphere was awkward, making it difficult to have a meaningful conversation on the importance of condoms. KC is trying to change that.

Since it is Pride month, cities all over the world are holding Pride parades where people of the lgbtq+ community get together to celebrate themselves because they deserve to. Now, of course, it is not exclusive and you can also attend if you are a straight, cis-gendered individual but only if your purpose is to support. Philly Pride occurred on June 9th and while I was not able to attend, KC made an appearance and let me just say...he showed OUT. I had the pleasure of styling him for the event and when he told me that he wanted his outfit to be risqué with plenty of mesh...I knew exactly how to style him. See the photos below for the results of putting the perfect Pride "lewk" together for him.

I styled KC in black full-mesh, from head to toe, which was inspired by Harry Style's amazing MET Gala look that was featured in my MET Gala review here. If you ever want a risqué lewk, anything see-through will do. Depending on how bold you want to be, you can wear statement undergarments (i.e. bralette, underwear, or pasties) that will be visible because of the mesh material; as you can see, KC was wearing black Calvin Klein logo underwear.
Now, let's talk accessories. I emphasize the importance of accessories and knew that face jewels were a must for this outfit. You can never go wrong with a pair of cute sunnies and KC's baby blue nails add the perfect touch to glam this look up.

It was a pleasure styling KC and I hope you all love this look as much as I do. He is heading to NY Pride and I already know that he will look even better!


KC's personal Instagram: @kcmilleredu
Keystone CASE's Instagram: @keystonecase
Keystone CASE's Facebook: @keystonecaseorg
Keystone CASE's Twitter: @keystonecaseorg
Keystone CASE website: 

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