Who is She?!?! The creator of Dime Treasures

Bottoms: Garage
Shoes: Missguided
Necklace: Pretty Little Thing
Handbag: Zara
Sunglasses: Abella Eyewear

Here is a new post featuring a top that I received from Dime Treasures, a black woman-owned brand that sells handmade clothing and accessories. Since the top gives me a vintage-vibe, I wanted to keep this look minimal but very stylish. Also, tube tops help create the best chic look and I love this one because red has become my new favorite color (black will always be my all-time favorite) and the material is so soft, making it comfortable to wear. Therefore, I style the tube top with denim mom jeans and white pumps while accessorizing with a small white handbag, jewelry because you always need that, and a pair of black sunnies; this outfit is perfect for spring days out with friends. Now, let's talk about the person who made this top and created the brand Dime Treasures.

Diamond White is the CEO, Creative Director, and Founder of Dime Treasures. Based in Tampa, Florida, she is currently a sophomore in college majoring in Business Administration which proves just how serious she is about building a future with Dime Treasures. 
The best part about the fashion industry is that there is a way for everyone to discover their personal style, no matter how long that may take. The worst part about the fashion industry is how unaffordable most of the "good" clothes can be aka designer clothes. But who needs designer clothes to have style? Diamond's love for fashion began with thrifting. She says, "I've always loved fashion but didn't have the money to express my sense of style so I shopped at thrift stores and started doing my own thing in a budget and love it!" The number one key to discovering your own sense of style is by only caring about what you like and how you like it. Whether you prefer bootleg over slim-fit or a certain color over another, YOU must like it and decide if you want to express yourself in that way. 
"No matter if it was liked by anyone else, I loved it," Diamond says about her love for vintage clothing, which is the main style of her brand.

Dime Treasures was created in September 2018 and, as you can imagine with any business, it was not easy. Diamond expressed how it was hard starting her brand during a time where she was having personal conflictions all while trying to discover her true passion. 
"I took time to myself and did tons of research on thrifting, talking to friends I knew that had an eye for business and took baby steps with planning and networking. The process was a fight!" I think we all know that it is not easy to start a business but luckily that did not discourage Diamond. When she reached out to me about collaborating, I was immediately captured by the designs of her clothing. The process of hand-making clothes is something that I have always found challenging and admire those who master such a skill. But of course, you cannot be a successful creative without some inspiration. When asked about her style and fashion inspirations, Diamond says, "My fashion & style inspiration leans more towards a mixture of vintage and just, me." Her style is groovy and laid back, shown in the designs pictured above. 

I hope to see more people rocking their Dime Treasures apparel in the future. I also hope Diamond achieves all the goals she has set moving forward with her brand. "My biggest goals as I move forward with my brand is to grow in every aspect for Dime Treasures and have a larger quantity of clothes for those who want to look amazing for an affordable price," she says about her aspirations. As trends keep growing and fashion continues to evolve, having access to affordable products is essential and it is amazing that Diamond makes that a goal for her brand.
You can purchase this top on her brand's website here and shop the whole collection of apparel and accessories here! I absolutely loved styling this top and cannot wait to style it even more as summer approaches. 


Diamond’s personal Instagram: @xwine.dw
Dime Treasures’ Instagram (main): @dimetreasures
Dime Treasures’ Facebook: @dimetreasures
Dime Treasures’ Twitter: @dimetreasures
Dime Treasures website: www.dimetreasures.bigcartel.com


  1. Really love your outfit! That top is perfect for the tattered pants. Love it!


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