Cozy Szn

Sweatshirt: Amazon
Sweatpants: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers: Foot Locker
FAUX Fur Coat: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Monarch Tokyo

It has been cozy season since winter started but I wanted to share this quick look from a while back (I sometimes hoard outfit pictures until the right time to post them or just end up never posting them). This look is pretty self-explanatory...I look comfortable on purpose. I love faux fur coats because you can style them in a chic and extra way (dress + fur coat; an outfit set+ fur coat; wide-leg pants + turtleneck + fur coat) or in a very casual way; this look is a perfect example. I wear sweatpants almost all the time in the winter but adding a fur coat makes it less casual than they really are. So this cozy season, and hopefully it comes to an end very soon, find a way to make your lazy outfit look a little less lazy.



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