New Year, New Look

Cardigan: Boohoo
Shoes: Public Desire
Handbag: Zara
Shades: Monarch Tokyo

New Year means tons of new looks and today I am serving a spring look in the winter. I want to share a look from when I had lunch with my family in Orlando, Florida then attended an Orlando Magic basketball game afterward. The weather in Florida is absolutely beautiful; as I have stated so many times, I HATE cold weather so I was enjoying the warm weather while I could. In this look, I am wearing a tube top from PrettyLittleThing. Now, this is not the typical tube top that you can just throw right on and go; this is a tie back tube top made of silk material, which is what makes it so fun to style. Also, this top gives me a Versace vibe because of the color palette and design. I decided to style it with black biker shorts for a comfortable yet very stylish look for the basketball game (I won't lie, I went ready in case there was some camera action or I would find my baller husband). Then, I accessorize with gold jewelry (of course), a white handbag, a pair of black shades and topped off the entire look with black sock boots that I got on sale from Public Desire. Trust me when I say that it is important to take advantage of their sales because their shoes can be pricey and the shipping cost to the United States is extremely pricey. 

While it is still winter, this look is also perfect for the spring/summer, especially with the color palette of the entire look. 



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  2. This is SUCH a look and you styled it perfectly. Totally getting Versace vibes from the top as well. You're serving 90s Naomi Campbell and I'm here for it.



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