Daya Set

Sweatshirt: DayabyZendaya
Sweatpants: DayabyZendaya
Jacket: Bershka
Handbag: AMIClubwear
Sneakers: Foot Locker

Here is a new look featuring a sweatsuit from DayabyZendaya, which is currently shut down...and honestly...I do not know if it will ever get relaunched (*sheds a tear). I had the privilege of receiving some clothing from Zendaya's clothing line after her team reached out to me about this look here. Zendaya did post a brief message on Twitter explaining how her team failed at shipping products to customers to the point where there was an extremely large amount of backorders, which sucks because her clothes were so dope. So I thought I should share what I was able to get when her team was not being as messy.

It is officially sweatsuit season because it is freezing in Pennsylvania. Now, it may sound like I am always exaggerating but I genuinely hate cold weather even though I have been living in Pennsylvania my entire life. I hate cold weather because: 1) I get cold very easily (no I am not anemic but I do have low iron) and 2) it does not leave enough room for enough styling choices. Because I get cold easily, I am almost always wearing oversized sweatshirts/sweaters in the winter along with an oversized jacket but I think I make it work in the best way I can.
In this look, I am wearing DayabyZendaya's all-black hoodie and sweatpants co-ord set along with an oversized jacket from Bershka, and black/white high top Air Force 1's. I do not accessorize too much with this look; a bag is just enough because the main goal is to be warm and comfortable but still stylish and the sweatsuit does just that alone; I think this is the ultimate comfy look for me with a little streetwear twist. So if you are someone who is used to wearing sweatshirts in the winter like me (depending on where you live), find a way to style it up either with an oversized puffer jacket, fur coat, or keep it very casual and make up for it with accessories (bags, rings, necklaces, hats, etc.)



  1. I wish I had the chance to purchase one of her items because this sweat suit is exactly my style. Also I love how you paired it with the jacket and bag to make it a bit more stylish which is kind of hard to do in the winter because it's just too cold to accessorize sometimes.

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

    1. Right! Hopefully Zendaya comes back with her line because it was amazing. Thanks for reading ! ♡


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