Dressing Down A Dressy Dress

Dressing for a special occasion usually requires some kind of investment. And let’s face it, how often do we get to wear the fancy dresses we buy for weddings, work functions, etc? Instead of having them hang in your closet gathering dust, why not give them a new lease of life by dressing them down?

Re-work your dressed-up style by learning how to dress down a dressy dress.

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Change the length
You might think that a floor length dress has no place in your everyday lookbook, but with some clever styling you can make some great changes and get more wear out of your longer dresses. By adding a belt to your waist or hips, you can adjust the length to a midi or even a mini style to give your dress a new lease of life. This is a trick best kept for lightweight fabrics that won’t add bulk to your middle.

Add some leather

Leather instantly toughens up a look, giving you an easy way to make a more formal dress look casual. A leather jacket and accessories can take the formality out of your look and creates a bit of a rock chic vibe. Add some biker boots to your outfit and you’ll have an easy, chic look that works for parties, gigs and anywhere else you want to show off your style. Invest in a leather jacket that suits your body shape and enjoy the versatility of this wardrobe staple.

Layer over or under

In winter especially, layering over or under a dress makes it more casual, while also helping you to bring a more casual twist to your look. Check out Petal and Pup women's clothing for some great knitwear styles that are ideal for layering either under or over a dress for a simple look. Layering a sweater or a t-shirt over a dress makes it appear like a skirt, for an easy way to make your wardrobe go further.

Go casual with your footwear

Some casual footwear can really make the difference to a dressy dress, making it more dressed down and ideal for an off-duty look. Your favorite sneakers can make your outfit more comfortable and adds a much more casual vibe that’s perfect for daytime dressing. If you need to add some height, go with some flatforms or platform sneakers - you’ll find some great styles available in stores at the moment.

When you invest in nice pieces of clothing, you want to get your wear out of them. Learning how to dress down your swankier items will make them more versatile so that you can really get your money’s worth. Wearing a dressy dress as a dressed-down outfit is a good way to style your look to stand out and gives you plenty of options for the next time you have nothing to wear. How will you dress down your dressy look?


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