Heeled boots: Public Desire
Handbag: Forever21
Sunglasses: Hashtag Sunglasses

Wow it has been a while, and I apologize for that, but I am planning a project to reveal on my blog in November so...be on the lookout and be patient with me!! I am working to add so much more, quality, content on my blog and cannot wait to share. But here is a quick post on a look that I put together and captured over the summer. It is still over eighty degrees in Pittsburgh so it is still appropriate to share this very purple, bougie-esque casual look that is not only achievable in the summer but also in the fall when the weather does not want to make up its mind.
I have posted all of my t-shirts from RoyalTees London on my blog now (you can check out my other Aaliyah look here) and still stand by my statement that their shirts are BOMB. They added more celebrities like Cardi B, Travis Scott, and Kehlani, so I highly recommend looking for your fave on their website here and use this link: http://royalteeslondon.refr.cc/afroblisso to make a purchase with my referral code that will give you 10% off!

P.S. Durags are not for everyone. Do your research before you try to get in on the "trend." Please reach out to me if you are not sure as to what I am talking about *cough* cultural appropriation. Do not pull a Kylie Jenner. :)


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