End of Summer

So summer is officially over for me...is it crazy that I am glad about that? This summer was actually my worst summer yet for many different and personal reasons but we are all supposed to have at least one bad summer. So many of my friends and I were working the entire summer so it was hard to plan get-togethers or do anything. Then, I realized this is what being an adult is about and ... I hate it so much. When my friends wanted to hang out with me, I was too tired for any form of social interactions because of work and vice-versa. It sucks that the older we get, the busier we get, which eventually leads to the lesser friends we have. I know it is possible to have a busy life while maintaining close friendships but it sure is hard. Also, this summer was filled with anxiety about returning back to school. I started my classes today and don't mind them so far, but I still do not have a fixed mindset on what I want to do with my life in the future and I just feel so alone in this stage of life . I pray this semester is filled with nothing but good vibes and I pray for genuine guidance on figuring out this thing called life.


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