Dress: FashionNova 
Boots: Public Desire
Handbag: ALDO
Sunglasses: Dolls Kill

Let's talk about FashionNova! Now, I am pretty sure everyone has seen clothing from FashionNova at least once on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or other fashion blogs. FashionNova has even become popular among celebrities who wear it like it's Gucci (@CardiB) especially since it is so inexpensive. I love the variety of clothing FashionNova has to offer, but I know I am not the only one who notices how curvy their models appear to be. As a fellow skinny petite gal, I find it hard to decide what will fit me right and what won't. Now, this is not me saying "Oh my God, why are there only curvy, thick, ladies modeling their clothing?! I'm not that thick so I feel left out." Instead, this is me saying "While it is amazing that they have curvalicious women modeling their clothing because you do not see that often...I hope they make their clothing true to size." Because it took me a few days to decide whether I should order a small or an extra small.

I got their Almost 2020 dress because it caught my eye immediately while I was doing my typical browsing during their Valentine's Day sale. I ordered a pair of their tights a few years ago in the smallest size they had to offer (Extra small) and they were still too big for me so I was hesitant about which dress size to order; I ended up ordering an extra small and it fit perfectly, LITERALLY. I am usually a size small in dresses, which is why I was stuck between the two sizes but the extra-small suits my height. I styled it with a pair of sock boots from Public Desire, a black handbag, black shades, and silver jewelry to give this all-black look a little hue. 
If you are thinking about making a purchase at FashionNova, be aware that the sizing works a little differently. Also, it is an online store which makes it even harder to decide what your size may be. Depending on what you are buying, consider buying a size down or size up. If you realize your size is the same as anywhere...then bless up and flaunt what you got!



  1. Love the dress, you look great in it x


  2. You are glowing!!!
    Check out my blog too <3

  3. The 2020 dress looks amazing on you. I think FashionNova does a really good job at flaunting everyones curves whether you wear a small or extra large. I have seen people of all type of sizes just glow in their clothes so I applude them!!

    Samara // The Marshall Wardrobe

    1. I completely agree with you Samara. Their clothes also great quality, so they will definitely take my money; hopefully more clothing companies can get on board. Thanks for reading! ♡

  4. Love this dress and how you styled it!!

    venus | http://venusaby.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. This is so gorgeous! I've been dying to try out some Fashion Nova pieces for the longest time but shipping is crazy out to France so I'm going to have to wait! You look stunning in the dress - it really accentuates your figure! x
    Marina Rosie x

    1. Sorry to hear that! Hopefully you'll be able to make a purchase soon. Thanks so much for reading! ♡


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