Out with the old, in with the new

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Spring will officially start March 20, 2018...for me, it starts once it is no longer snowing and the temperatures are not below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A new season means a new wardrobe which means decluttering your closet so you have enough space while also getting rid of all the clothing you do not need for the season.

I will be going home at the beginning of March for Spring Break and will be giving my closet a much needed decluttering. As someone who loves to shop, I forget that I can't keep piling up my clothes in my closet because 1) I really do not have enough space for the number of clothes I own and 2) I am a bit of a hoarder. I constantly feel as if I need to keep certain clothing because you just never know when you may need a black jumpsuit...even if you have 5 of them. When I declutter, I like to think of how many of a certain item of clothing that I have and if I truly need that much of it. For example, I own at least 10 pairs of black skinny jeans but I only wear 5 of them. Also, get rid of what is not being worn or does not fit. Lastly, get rid of anything that is no longer your style taste. My style is fluid so it is always switching up which means that I have a lot of clothes that I look at and ask myself "Did I really wear that?" Trust me, you will come across some clothing that will have you asking the same question; just get rid of it.

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Now, when I say get rid of your clothes I do not mean you should throw them away. Donate them to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Give them away to any family members that may need some clothes and shoes, especially the ones in college. If you are a college student in need of some cash, sell your unneeded clothes online or at places like Plato's Closet. Recycling your clothes is the first step to making fashion more sustainable. The next step is restocking your closet with clothing that was made the right way. As Spring approaches, I am going to stock my closet with ethically-made light sweaters and midi dresses after I get rid of the ones that I own from Forever21 and H&M which are two companies known for their "fast-fashion." Fast fashion is a term used by fashion retailers to describe inexpensive designs that move quickly from the catwalk to stores to meet new trends while failing to include the unethical ways in which such designs are created.
People Tree is recognized as a "pioneer in the Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion movement" (via The Good Trade). The brand has partnered with Fair Trade artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce a wide collection of ethical and eco wear that includes: organic cotton sundresses, jumpsuits, relaxed yoga wear and more. Check out their essentials here.
PACT Apparel is a Fair-Trade & Ethical clothing brand that I have just discovered and would love to share with all my readers. "The certified B Corp goes to great lengths to make sure their entire supply chain, from the growing and harvesting of the organic cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between, are as clean and responsible as possible," (via The Good Trade). They sell super soft tees, dresses, and underwear that are 100% cotton. Imagine wearing clothing that was made the clean way, which is the right way. No harm to people, animals, or the environment. 

Check out their collection for Women's loungewear (my favorite!) here or visit their website to check out all their apparel: https://wearpact.com/



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