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I finally finished my first semester of college and have never been happier. College and I have a love-hate relationship; I have already made great friends, and I love that, but college is beyond draining. Now I understand why some people take a gap year and, honestly, I would highly recommend it if you do not mind being a year behind.

Now that winter is approaching, I wanted to start a new category on my blog for skincare tips. Since I have oily skin, most of these tips will be for anyone with the same or combination skin type, but I will still include tips for anyone with dry, normal, or sensitive skin. I wanted to start this category now because winter is when my skin starts to act weird; it gets dry in certain areas, which means that it requires more moisturization than usual. Also, I get occasional hormonal acne especially when I am stressed and finals week had me very stressed. Luckily, Maple Holistics helped my skin bounce back.

My skincare routine in the morning includes washing my face with a dermatologist-prescribed cleanser, toning, hydrating and moisturizing. My routine at night includes cleansing (or exfoliation, depending on the day), toning, moisturizing, and treatment except I moisturize with jojoba oil. I recently started using Maple Holistics' all natural Jojoba Essential Oil after they sent it to me and I realized my skin was missing something vital: a natural and beneficial oil that would improve my skin's complexion while giving it a glow. Why would you put more oil on your oily skin? It is highly recommended that people with oily skin use natural oils on their skin to help balance their oil levels and prevent excess oil production that causes acne and jojoba oil does just that. Maple Holistics sells organic and natural cruelty-free beauty products that are worth trying if you believe your skin or hair is missing that 'something.' Check out their free samples program here to try out one of their products at no cost. Their jojoba oil is definitely one to keep in mind if you want to have clear, glowy skin throughout winter.


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