Stylin in Dubai

Shirt: Forever21
Pants: DayabyZendaya
Sneakers: Adidas
Watch: Aldo
Backpack: Zara

Dubai is officially my new favorite city in the world. I'm in Dubai for a week with my family and have already fallen in love after four days. The city is gorgeous and much different than the average basic cities in the United States; it is actually better than any city in America. Before traveling here, I had heard about the hype over Dubai but it was by celebrities (specifically Drake) and most celebrities can easily pack their suitcase and fly over to any city on their private jet. I begged my parents to have the family vacation in Dubai after researching the culture and seeing how luxurious the city is...and I have learned that the Google pictures are not lying. The city is almost unreal because of how tall the buildings are and how glamorous they look. Also, it is typical to just see G-wagons and Lamborghinis cruising around the may see that in California or Miami but not as much as you will in Dubai.

We visited the Burj Khalifa yesterday and got to see a great view of the city. We also had dinner near the Dubai Mall, which is HUGE. I love shopping, but got tired after five stores because they were all located in different sections of the mall, which made everything harder than it should be; the mall is so big it has an ice rink. It is a great place to get the exercise you want or need and I really needed it. 

I will have a final blog post up for when I leave, since I will be driving through the desert tomorrow; therefore, I will have so much more to write about this trip.


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