Review of Mirina Collections

Dress: Pacsun
Heels: Charlotte Rousse
Sunglasses: Hashtag Sunglasses

I have always written about how important accessories are, specifically jewelry. Jewelry is the finishing touch to every outfit, so there is no way of going without it. Personally, I love jewelry that has bling going on with it, therefore, I invest in rhinestone chokers, earrings, and necklaces. Also, the saying "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" stands very true for me.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am a Mirina Girl for Mirina Collections. Mirina Collections is an online store that sells designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses. As part of their team, I received the choker above and a pair of sunglasses (seen here) and want to give an honest opinion on the company in case anyone is a bit skeptical about buying their products.
First, I am fully aware of the negative reviews that have been left for this company but I personally do not have anything bad to say about it...yet. There are reviews on this company claiming that they are scammers; they take customers' money and do not send their products or they send the products but they are damaged, or the quality of their products are not worth the prices. The rhinestone choker is my favorite because the quality is great and it adds just the right amount of bling to my outfits; therefore, it deserves five stars from me. If you are interested in designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses then check out the rest of their collection here.
As you can see, I am also wearing a pair of bomb sunnies that I received from Hashtag Sunglasses. There are negative reviews on this company as well because it is a branch of Mirina Collections. Now, I was not aware of that until I received my sunglasses and saw that my orders from Mirina and Hashtag Sunglasses came from the exact same address. I advise that Mirina Collections make customers aware of that because it is misleading. The sunglasses are a great addition to my collection, though and I encourage online shoppers to browse their sunglasses collection for both men and women here.

Whenever purchasing anything, I pay attention to the quality. I do not just look at the product and say "Oh my god, this looks so bomb. Let me buy it right now." I look at the product(s) then for what is used to make the products and read lots of reviews, especially when it is an online purchase. When I get the vibe that I should not make a purchase on a specific website, then I do not. Therefore, do not buy from them if you get that vibe. The only complaint that I have is how long shipping takes. I did not receive my items until three weeks after requesting them but it was worth the wait because I love my sunglasses; it is just that shipping longer than a week can make some people, like myself, feel unease.

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