Bold Orange

Cropped hoodie: Forever21
Ripped Jeans: Garage
Fishnet tights: Forever21
Sneakers: Nike

I can not stress how glad I am to finally update my has been so long. For those of you who do not follow me on Instagram, I went to Ghana for two weeks for my Senior Project and had minimal Wifi and did not wear as cute outfits; therefore, I had to take a break from posting but I am back and better.
In this look, I am wearing a cropped hoodie with loose sleeves which is a new design for crop tops. I was going for an "edgy, yet rad, and fashionable" look with 90s influences. Ripped jeans have officially taken over the fashion world of styling, and one way to spice them up is by wearing fishnet tights along with them. This look would look better with heeled ankle boots, but sneakers make it more casual. A fashion secret that not many people do not know about is you can make a not so casual outfit look casual just by your shoes.
I will be updating my blog for the rest of the month and will keep it up to date throughout May (aka my birthday month). Be on the lookout for more posts!


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