Good vibes

Pinafore dress: Boohoo
Crochet-knit crop top: Forever21
Watch: Anne Klein
Shoulder bag: Zara (soldout though)
Shoes: Adidas


It's August, which means it is time for a new ootd post! I actually took these photos at the beginning of June, but never posted it for some why not post it now? I got this dungaree pinafore dress from Boohoo because I really like the rust color, but you can also buy it in black. My goal was to make this chic bag the main part of my outfit. I got this bag from Zara, and I just love how contemporary it is. The patches help put a twist to accessorizing, making it great to style with so many different outfits. Unfortunately, it is sold out on the Zara website but it may be in stock at some Zara stores. If you are not able to find it, then I would wait and see if Zara restocks which I think they will because this is a must-have bag. 
School is starting soon (god give me the strength) but I encourage students to not stress too hard about it. There is still a little more time to enjoy summer, so take advantage of that time. If you have already started school, I wish you the best. I am going on vacation with my family soon and I plan on having a lot of fun; I am not going to worry about school at all. Just remember to stay positive and keep all the bad energy out of your circle.



  1. That bag is a must have! I hope Zara restocks soon; I love the patches. Great post!

    1. Hopefully they do restock! I love the patches. Thanks for reading Leslie! ♡

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