Military Green

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Ego
Handbag: H&M

Exams are finally over, and it is summertime. A lot of people would say the same when I say that I am so happy that it is finally summer, and school is over. I survived my junior year of high school, barely, and I can use this summer to prepare myself for senior year. Junior year was going great and everything until I began realizing that I was wasting my time the whole school year with the wrong people. I have to stress about getting into college, not over friends; I refuse to stress over friends, so I am going to keep my circle very small. I encourage everyone to spend their summer rejuvenating themselves because it will help you so much. Do not invest your time and energy on unnecessary people.

Now that I have let that out, let's talk fashion. I am wearing a dress from Forever21, unfortunately I can not find it online, since I bought it in store, but I am sure it is still being sold in stores. I got my bag from H&M, which is a great place to buy simple and elegant bags. I usually buy my handbags from Zara or Nordstrom, but I just needed a simple black bag for a cheap price. I highly encourage checking out their website, or going to one of their stores. I got my shoes from my favorite online store to buy heels, Ego. Ego has taken at least a thousand dollars from me because I can not stop buying their shoes. Their shoes are not too expensive, and the styles are countless. This summer, I encourage you to treat yourself. Spend a day to go shopping with your best friend and have fun while doing so.



  1. You really told the truth about friendship! I can't wait to have a great summer as soon as my exams are finished (by 1st of July) and I hop I'll get to post more outfits, your's are always so well-put-together and inspiring!
    Happy summer :D

    1. I hope you do too! I love your photography! Thanks for reading ♡

  2. The outfit look so perfectly fit to you dear. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. I love it.

  3. Perfect match of the colour dear, your military green dress is so nice on on you!


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