Co-ord set (Top & shorts): Boohoo
Slides: Nordstrom

Yes I did buy Rihanna's Fenty PUMA fur slides, and they were definitely worth the buy. These $80 slides are the most comfortable slides I have ever purchased, and they are also the only pair of slides I have ever purchased for $80. Now, these slides sold out in under 10 minutes on the PUMA website; in fact, the website crashed while I was waiting to complete my purchase. I was not able to because once I clicked "Place order," the slides were sold out completely. I was so mad because I was ready to purchase these right away, and I knew a lot of people were going to try buying them but I kept telling myself that I would be fine purchasing them on the PUMA site. Clearly I was wrong. That was when Nordstrom came to my rescue. Nordstrom was smart enough to only sell half of them in the morning, then restock in the afternoon. I got me a pair of the Shell Pink ones, but I was too late to get the black ones too. Also, I bought some lace StancexRihanna socks to match them because why not spend all your money on Rihanna's fashion lines?

This was just a quick outfit I put together, thanks to Boohoo (which is my new Forever21), and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite looks ft. these slides. Check them out below (click photos to go to Instagrams).

Zolee Griggs
Sofia Richie

Melissa Chen
Also, here are my favorite looks with Rihanna wearing them. RiRi is definitely stepping up the fashion game.



  1. Ahh I love Rihanna's collection and I wish I would have gotten a pair of the creepers but MAAN THOSE SLIPPERS look so cool, you definitely rock them!


    1. Thank you. I really want a pair of her creepers too. Thank you so much for reading! ♡

  2. I wanted to get these slippers, but they sold out in a heartbeat! I love the outfit you wore with them; they can be worn with a laid-back look like RiRi, or with a chic look like yours. Great post!

    1. They are so comfortable. They were restocked a few days ago; hopefully you can find a PUMA store that is still selling them. Thanks for reading ♡


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